TechShop in the Press

12/09/14 (Web)
How Can You Stand Out in Silicon Valley? Ask These 10 Fast-Growing San Jose-Based Businesses

#2. TechShop ... Under the leadership of CEO Mark Hatch, the company saw revenue grow 778 percent to $10 million in 2013 from $1.1 million in 2010. Clocking in at 611 in 2014, this year marks TechShop's second time on the Inc. 5000.

12/06/14 (Video)
TechShop Inside is a modern shop class on wheels

It's called TechShop Inside, and it's a 24-foot trailer outfitted with laser cutting machines, 3D printers and an arsenal of traditional tools. Its mission? Teach America's students how to design, prototype and manufacture their dreams.

Austin Chronicle
12/04/14 (Web)
Who's Letting You Use a Laser Cutter and a 3-D Printer?

That's another thing you're going to find at TechShop: Classes to teach you what you need to know – and what they need you to know before letting you loose on the hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of equipment stationed in the clean, well-organized, and brightly lit space ... just off I-35 in Round Rock.

The Austin Chronicle
12/04/14 (Blog)
Austin Chronicle Gift Guide
TechShop – which has even more industrial tools for your projects.

Community Impact Newspaper
12/03/14 (Web)
Round Rock attracting new high-end manufacturers
One way Round Rock manufacturers are getting started is by foregoing the traditional workspace altogether. At TechShop Austin-Round Rock, located in Round Rock, entrepreneurs and hobbyists can pay a membership fee and have access to the high-end tools other operations paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire.

11/21/14 (Blog)
From Mindstorms to Intel Edison for low-cost Braille printer
The BBC has reported that the 13-year-old from San Jose has caught the eye of Intel, no less, which has invested in the Braigo project ... [according to Shubha Banerjee,] "I got membership at the TechShop in San Jose to learn design tools, worked with other individuals to get 3D printed mechanical parts and also [a] machinist to design new Braille heads and assembly.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
11/19/14 (Blog)
Entrepreneurs get more than a fair shot in Pittsburgh, study finds

President Obama listens as Andy Leer gives a demonstration on a 3D printer during a visit to TechShop Pittsburgh in Bakery Square in June.

TechCocktail DC
11/17/14 (Blog)
How Companies Like DC’s iStrategyLabs are Utilizing TechShop DC-Arlington
Since openings its doors earlier this year, TechShop DC-Arlington in Crystal City, VA has become an invaluable resource to those in the DC region hoping to get engaged in the Maker Movement ... “TechShop helps bring makers together at a centralized location,” said Saale. Without it, the community would continue to consist of disparate workshops that flew under the radar.”

Spartan Daily
11/17/14 (Web)
Local businesses have fun nerding out
A realm of businesses in San Jose appeals to the average consumer with a curating twist beyond the norm, including Game Shop Downstairs, TechShop San Jose and 7 Stars Bar & Grill.

TechCocktail DC
11/17/14 (Blog)
How TechShop DC-Arlington Enabled a High School Senior to Start a Business
Atkins joined TechShop DC-Arlington this past June and has since launched a customization company called 3205 Customs. For someone who is still in high school, getting involved in TechShop has really paid off for him.

Engadget Japan
11/17/14 (Web)
Of manufacturing that can open access bases Tech Shop San Francisco visit report
(Check out Engadget Japan’s story about TechShop San Francisco, including several photos and an interview with TechShop COO Dan Woods.)

The World Bank
11/17/14 (Blog)
Categorizing the collaboration and community promotion spaces that make urban innovation ecosystems tick
TechShop is an example of a sustainable business model of the concept of fablab and maker space, where access to the fabrication equipment and mentorship is offered for a fee. TechShop has developed partnerships with universities ... or companies ... to develop ad hoc facilities for internal research and development.

TechCocktail DC
11/14/14 (Blog)
TechShop DC-Arlington is a Great Resource for Veterans
TechShop’s Veterans Training Program offers veterans a one-year membership to TechShop for free, along with $350 worth of training. The Hollingsheads have since converted to lifetime memberships.

11/14/14 (Blog)
GeekMom’s 2014 Gift Guide of Geeky Gadgets

TechShop Membership and Gifts: If your tech geek lives in or near San Carlos, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Jose, CA; Allen Park, MI; ... Pittsburgh, PA; Chandler, AZ; or Arlington, VA, they can use the gift of a TechShop membership. A membership would gain your techy access to a wide range of equipment and classes at the TechShop locations.

TechCocktail DC
11/13/14 (Blog)
Top 4 Reasons to Switch to a Treadmill or Standing Desk
With the gradual increase of resources like TechShop and new interest in manufacturing, the Maker Movement in America is quickly becoming a prominent, defining feature of this century (remember the White House Maker Faire?).

11/06/14 (Blog)
8 Real-Life Robots That Inspired Big Hero 6
The flashy in-home fabrication system which Hiro uses to fabricate Baymax's suit is a next-generation version of the popular 3D printer, which the directors encountered during a visit to the maker utopia TechShop in San Francisco.

11/05/14 (Blog)
Growing the Movement - One Shop at a Time
And while rapid prototyping may be the most game-changing business-related application of the TechShop, allowing for iteration after iteration in hours as opposed to days and weeks in some cases, the organic, grassroots spirit of the Maker Movement still permeates the facility.

Popular Science
11/04/14 (Web)
How One Man Hacked His Way Out Of Homelessness
In August, five students graduated from the Learning Shelter’s first 90-day educational program, which includes TechShop classes and mentorship opportunities. The group explored Google’s collaborative workshop, Google Garage, and traveled behind ...

10/31/14 (Web)
High School "Dropout" Makes Affordable 3D Printer

Around the world, there are approximately over 1,000 maker spaces - havens for people who just want to make stuff. TechShop is the most noted maker network in the United States.

The Washington Post
10/30/14 (Blog)
The White House is getting a 3D-printed Christmas ornament
President Obama is shown a 3D printer by Andy Leer, right, during a tour of TechShop Pittsburgh, a community-based workshop and prototyping studio in Pittsburgh, Pa., on June 17, 2014.

Big Think
10/21/14 (Video)
A Place Where Makers Can Pursue Their Dreams, with TechShop CEO Mark Hatch
As Hatch tells us in his Big Think interview, TechShop has been the birthplace of numerous and myriad inventions including the world's fastest electric motorcycle, the very first Square devices, and the life-saving Embrace Warmer infant blanket.

ABC 7 News
10/17/14 (Video)
(Great footage of TechShop San Francisco, which hosted the crawl.)

Voice of America
10/15/14 (Video)
TechShop Puts High-tech Dreams Within Reach
[C]onsumers of products that were created at TechShop even include President Obama, who thinks innovation is the first step to the future and that TechShop is giving ordinary people the tools they need to turn their ideas into reality.

10/15/14 (Blog)
The 1,300-Person Quest To Build the Perfect Mechanical Keyboard
Massdrop helped them fabricate prototypes from cardboard to actual circuit boards at San Francisco's TechShop—and built a layout configuration program that lets buyers easily customize their boards online.

AZ Central
10/11/14 (Web)
ASU and UA presence boosts Chandler's education scene
Starting this semester, full-time ASU students may get free membership to TechShop and $100 credit for TechShop's training workshops. Within a month of the announcement, more than 350 ASU students activated a TechShop membership, according to the spokesman.

10/09/14 (Blog)
Millennials: Why I’m Betting on You to Help Shape the New American Economy
I saw this new economy at Pittsburgh’s TechShop, one in a chain of community centers where members get access to professional tools, equipment, and software, as well as the space they need to make or design or prototype almost anything?—?for the same price you’d pay for a gym membership.

Department of Defense News
10/06/14 (Video)
Frank Kendall Tours TechShop
Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, Frank Kendall, toured a TechShop for National Manufacturing Day.

10/03/14 (Blog)
How TechShop Encourages the Builder Inside All of Us
(Q&A with TechShop CEO in NationSwell focused on advancing American manufacturing.)

US Department of Defense
10/03/14 (Blog)
Kendall Visits TechShop for National Manufacturing Day
“It’s National Manufacturing Day and it's really great to see the innovation here -- it’s a terrific facility,” said Frank Kendall, the undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics, during his tour ... after[wards], Kendall likened the TechShop idea to the Institutes for Manufacturing Innovation announced beginning in February.

10/01/14 (Blog)
Future Business Growth Drives A New Partner Paradigm
Learn by experimenting in low-cost and iterative ways.... TechShop, a spinoff of Maker Faire, is an example of a new class of facilities for entrepreneurs to start experimenting early. Success is when both you and your new partners learn how to make money while experiencing new growth from the initiative.

09/30/14 (Blog)
Mark Hatch: How the maker movement democratizes innovation
As you might expect, TechShop CEO and co-founder Mark Hatch is an early adopter of 3-D printing technology. But he still wasn't prepared for his wife's emotional reaction to the "ugly, lime-green plastic rose" he created to test his new unit.

The Washington Post
09/30/14 (Web)
With Compass Coffee, two former Marines find their way home

The project quickly evolved to include welding shelves and benches, and pouring cement for the coffee bar. Day after day, they shuttled back and forth between the construction site and TechShop, a Crystal City workshop full of power tools.

09/29/14 (Blog)
The Red Ant Laser Story
David, Scott, Ollie, and Mike met at TechShop Pittsburgh when it first opened in March 2013. They all came from different backgrounds, using the resources at TechShop for all sorts of different projects, but what brought them together was an exciting idea Ollie hatched: making a laser cutter that you can bring anywhere.

09/24/14 (Video)
TC Makers: TechShop, The SF Workshop Where Hardware Is Born

(Part of the TechCrunch Makers series, this five-minute video includes a walking interview with TechShop CEO Mark Hatch; a tour of TechShop San Francisco; footage of various equipment, tools and members working on projects; footage of TechShop partners and members (DODOcase, Lumio, National Instruments) and more.)

Government Technology
09/24/14 (Blog)
Homeless Tech Education Program Eyes Official Launch
The shelter’s 2014 pilot program, headquartered at San Francisco’s TechShop, a community-run studio that offers classes and industrial tech equipment, included five students who attended 15 classes each.

The Next Web
09/20/14 (Blog)
How 3D printing will impact our future: A rundown of companies to keep your eyes on
We visited TechShop; there, we experimented with miniature 3D modeling, as well as the Autodesk offices in San Francisco. Those visits really blew my mind as I realized the broad possibilities of use and the impact 3D printing could have in many different sectors.

Silicon Republic
09/05/14 (Web)
DCU president: Ireland is primed to catch the next industrial revolution
The university has signed a memorandum of understanding with TechShop that will see the university provide space to locate on its grounds. “We believe it will be a huge catalyst for innovation and the whole start-up ecosystem in Ireland by having this located here."

ASU News
09/03/14 (Web)
Free TechShop memberships now available to ASU students
TechShop is offering complimentary memberships at its Chandler location to ASU students for the fall 2014 semester. Any full-time undergraduate or graduate students, including online students, are eligible for the complimentary memberships.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
09/01/14 (Blog)
Making it in Pittsburgh: : Leveraging the spirit of our forebears through new technologies
Pittsburgh is clearly at the forefront of what has become a national movement.... Amazing community resources — “maker gyms,” like TechShop Pittsburgh in Bakery Square and AlphaLab Gear for hardware entrepreneurs — are loaded with tools, machines and expert guides to support amateur craftspersons and tinkerers of all ages.

08/28/14 (Blog)
Makerspaces Are Working Out
What do people really do at TechShop? There are a group of makers who show up with a pretty clear idea of what they want to do.... Often it has some practical or commercial application, and they lack a place where they could develop their idea into something real. Others show up and ... want to learn how to use the tools ...

San Mateo Daily Journal
08/16/14 (Web)
Opening up creativity: TechShop provides high-tech manufacturing equipment, promotes innovation
Now, local corporations such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Samsung and Tesla provide employees with memberships to use TechShop facilities. Instead of being cooped up alone or with a select few in an office, TechShop users grow through a collaborative and inspirational environment ...

Government Technology
08/15/14 (Blog)
Maker Movement Rescues San Francisco Tech Entrepreneur
“Makerspaces like TechShop are important places for collaboration and community-building that breed new ways products are designed, prototyped and manufactured and a new way of thinking that can benefit our communities and the city,” Nath said.

Develop 3D
08/14/14 (Blog)
TechShop offers up 50 lifetime memberships
TechShop, a concept that we know and love, is offering our dear cousins across the Atlantic the chance to sign up to their nearest centre for life, with 50 of these memberships available nationwide.

SEO News Wire
08/14/14 (Blog)
Young Veterans Face High Unemployment and Few Quality Options
One new initiative, the VA-TechShop Partnership, is a pilot program with a chain of Silicon Valley fabrication laboratories. The hope is that veterans with mechanical engineering skills may be able to invent new products or start a manufacturing business with access to high-tech fabrication tools.

IDG Connect
08/12/14 (Blog)
The New Industrial Revolution: What’s In It For You?
Makerspaces (a.k.a. “hackerspaces”, “DIY spaces”) are arguably the main contributors to the democratization of manufacturing. These are places like TechShop ... that provide facilities, equipment and training to the general public, allowing inventors to develop and prototype their ideas.

WESA Pittsburgh's NPR News Station
08/12/14 (Radio)
City of Learning: Recognizing Teens for the Learning They Do Outside of School
Gyre worked with TechShop staff to develop the week-long Drum Makers workshop, which he said teaches kids a wide range of skills. “You’ve gotta learn two dimensional design," he said. "You’ve gotta have a concept of three-dimensional design. You have to learn a little bit of basic vector work, a little bit of basic machine tooling, and then you get to use the CNC, you get to use the laser, you get to use your hands, and at the end of it you get to play music.”

USA Today
08/04/14 (Web)
The Maker movement makes its mark

"What a lot of folks don't understand is that we have real innovations coming out of these spaces that are worth billions of dollars, that are saving lives and changing the world," says TechShop's Hatch. "And we've only just started."

07/30/14 (Video)
Back in San Francisco, fellows Shantanu Bala and Kaushik Tiwari visit the community workshop and prototyping studio TechShop. As they tour the space and check out equipment, Shantanu develops new ideas that he can apply to his project of building new computer interfaces that use a sense of touch to get information.

Huffington Post
07/26/14 (Blog)
Entrepreneurs Today Don't Need a Big Budget to Start
#5: Minimize investment in prototypes and tooling. With do-it-yourself makerspaces such as TechShop, you can avoid expensive prototyping iterations.

07/24/14 (Blog)
TechShop’s Not-So-Secret Ingredient
TechShop tends to be the Platonic ideal ... it’s simply come closest to defining the category, partly because of its standardization and partly because of its scope.

HuffPost Live
07/24/14 (Video)
Tech Training For The Homeless

A few years ago, Marc (Roth) found himself homeless, and at a shelter Marc heard about a local TechShop that teaches folks how to use tools like laser cutters and 3D printers. He signed up, and within 16 months he had started SF Laser ... He just launched a program called the Learning Shelter ...

07/22/14 (Web)
Wolf says he'll work with Legislature to deal with pension woes
Wolf visited TechShop, the membership manufacturing workshop in Bakery Square that President Obama visited this year. (See photos of TechShop Pittsburgh)

AZ Central
07/18/14 (Blog)
14 places to go, things to do for geeks in metro Phoenix

Open to the public, the collaborative effort by Arizona State University and the workshop chain TechShop gives inventors, crafters and tinkerers a place to create and innovate. Equipment includes woodworking tools, metal and plastic-fabrication machines, sewing tools and a 3-D printer.

Desktop Engineering
07/16/14 (Blog)
Mr. DIY Goes to Washington: TechShop Members at White House Maker Faire
Lawton brought along a couple of custom-made desks and furniture to the White House Maker Faire. But his star attraction was a waterjet-cut presidential seal, showcasing a variety of techniques he’d mastered through TechShop.

07/15/14 (Blog)
Millennials Rediscover America (Hint: It's Not About Us)
In Pittsburgh, Wilbur was intrigued by TechShop, a co-working office not for tech nerds, but for welders, designers, textile artists. A space designed to revive manufacturing in a city known for its steel industry and smoke stacks.

This Week In Tech (TWiT)
07/14/14 (Radio)
Triangulation 159: TechShop

(Netcast interview with TechShop founder Jim Newton) 

07/14/14 (Blog)
Kickstart Your Startup Credibility With A Prototype
In reality, it doesn’t take a huge investment of money and time to build a prototype today. If it is hardware, look for one of the ‘makerspaces’ such as TechShop, with all the tools you need to make almost anything yourself.

Crain's Detroit Business
07/13/14 (Web)
Resources for veterans
TechShop Detroit. This fully equipped fabrication and design space, which includes everything from plasma cutters and 3-D printers, offers free one-year memberships good at any TechShop across the country. TechShop CEO Mark Hatch is himself a vet.

International Business Times UK
07/11/14 (Blog)
3D Printers Could Regenerate Injured Soldiers

President Obama learns about 3D printers on a visit to TechShop last month. Armed forces around the world are looking into 3D printing to help in war efforts.

CityLab (The Atlantic)
07/09/14 (Blog)
The Nerd Garage of Your Dreams
With state-of-the-art equipment and courses on 3-D printing and personal prototyping, TechShops could change the face of manufacturing.

The Christian Science Monitor
07/06/14 (Web)
The 'maker movement' creates D.I.Y. revolution
Adults who are interested in “making” in their spare time or looking for a shared workshop to launch a new product can join one of the nation’s eight TechShops, for-profit makerspaces where members ... have access to crisp, uncluttered prototype studios stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed by expert makers.

Pittsburgh Magazine
06/28/14 (Web)
Best of the 'Burgh 2014

Best Place for Tech Nerds to Tinker: TechShop Pittsburgh likely will help our city to regain the title “Workshop of the World.” Located in Bakery Square, the studio is 100 workshops in one.

06/27/14 (Blog)
Local Motors Strikes A Marketing Partnership With TechShop
Following their involvement with the first ever White House Maker Faire, Local Motors has announced a newly forged marketing partnership with TechShop. As part of an ongoing celebration of a Nation of Makers, this new collaboration will bring together two like-minded communities of makers while empowering the development of new products via online and physical innovation spaces.

Electronic Design
06/27/14 (Blog)
The Maker/HackerSphere Evolves
NI has developed a package of instruments and software expressly for product development and learning at TechShop. The hardware stays at TechShop on multiple benches. TechShop members can walk in with nothing more complicated than an iPad (or a Mac or Windows machine) and access (wirelessly or with cables) the functionality of an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, and multimeter using an app called Data Dashboard for LabVIEW.

EE Times
06/25/14 (Blog)
National Instruments + TechShop = Happy Maker Community

I just heard from my chum Aisha Fletcher at National Instruments (NI) that the company has just announced a partnership with TechShop. As a starting point, NI is going to outfit two TechShop electronics labs with it technology, including LabVIEW system design software and myRIO, myDAQ, and VirtualBench hardware.

06/25/14 (Web)
Local Motors Announces Partnership with TechShop

TechShop and Local Motors partner to empower a growing network of makers and accelerate the design, development and manufacturing of next generation products ... TechShop members who contribute ideas to projects that are commercialized, or who submit winning ideas to active Local Motors or FirstBuild challenges, will be compensated. Individual contributor and shared awards will range from $500 to $2,500. (Business Wire)

Mother Nature Network
06/25/14 (Blog)
14 'makers' who are changing the DIY world Read more:

#8. Mark Hatch & Jim Newton: TechShop If anyone embodies the spirit of the maker movement, it’s these guys. Jim Newton holds several design patents and was a science adviser for Discovery Channel’s MythBusters. Mark Hatch is author of "The Maker Movement Manifesto." But their greatest gift to makerdom may well be TechShops — “part fabrication and prototyping studio, part hackerspace and part learning center.”

Radio France Internationale
06/25/14 (Radio)
De Palo Alto à San Francisco, au cœur des nouvelles technologies

Techno, handyman, this workshop is the figurehead of the technicians who want to go through with their ideas, putting his hand into the dough. At TechShop, 3D printers alongside lasers or cutting machines ... (Translated from French, an interview with TechShop CEO Mark Hatch)

06/24/14 (Blog)
TechShop’s latest project: A partnership with NI and new VirtualBenches

The VCR-sized machines cost $1,999 each and connect to laptops. NI is partnering with TechShop to outfit its electronics labs with the latest in NI hardware and software, as well as training classes, starting with TechShop’s San Francisco and Round Rock, Texas, locations. Eventually the program could grow to all eight TechShop locations nationwide.

06/24/14 (Web)
TechShop Partners with National Instruments

TechShop today announced a new partnership with hardware and software manufacturer National Instruments. Sensors, software, and hardware from NI will begin to appear in TechShops, starting with the shop in San Francisco and the Austin, Texas location.

06/20/14 (Blog)
What to Know About the Maker Movement and Why You Should Care
Taking TechShop as an example, COO Dan Woods cites that the total valuation of products that have been launched out of TechShop facilities is estimated at $10 billion. While certainly not a huge figure when compared to the greater U.S. economy, it’s not a number to simply scoff at. For Woods, the combination of the tools, resources, and – most importantly – connections found at maker spaces is what will enable further innovation.

Seattle Pi
06/19/14 (Blog)
Bay Area creators strut stuff at White House Maker Faire
Bay Area creative types swarmed the White House on Wednesday to show off the fruits of their extremely fertile minds at the first ever White House Maker Faire ... Seventh graders from Berkeley’s Black Pine Circle School, a San Francisco man who went from homelessness to hacking, the heads of the TechShop chain of fabrication studios, and DIY doyenne Brit Morin were among more than 100 makers from 25 states who strutted their stuff in front of an impressed Pres. Barack Obama.

The White House
06/18/14 (Blog)
President Obama at the White House Maker Faire: “Today’s D.I.Y. Is Tomorrow’s 'Made in America'”
These Makers took the White House by storm, demoing designs built with cutting-edge tools and technologies and sharing the inspiring stories that motivated them to Make. Mark Roth, for instance, explained that he used skills picked up at a San Francisco TechShop to beat homelessness and launch his own laser-cutting business. And Jane Chen showcased her low-cost newborn incubator, “Embrace,” which has already touched the lives of more than 50,000 babies around the world.

The New York Times
06/17/14 (Blog)
What’s News in Washington: Obama Hits the Road
In Pittsburgh, Mr. Obama’s focus will be on jobs and the economy as he visits TechShop, a company that provides tools and work space for people to get creative, to talk about the importance of innovation. There he will discuss new federal orders to give entrepreneurs access to technology equipment.

06/17/14 (Video)
Obama seeks to draw attention to manufacturing: President visits TechShop Pittsburgh at Bakery Square

Obama visited this venerable steel manufacturing city to showcase a workshop chain called TechShop, a variation on a tool lending library that provides high-end instruments to hobbyists, tinkerers and start-up businesses to help them realize their innovations. The tour was designed to draw attention to Obama's own plan to make more government technology and assets available to the private sector. "I can't rent the space shuttle out to you," he joked. "But there are areas where we can in fact enhance what is already being done by companies like TechShop."

Chicago Tribune
06/17/14 (Web)
Obama to tout manufacturing gains, highlight economic progress
During a visit to TechShop, a do-it-yourself workshop and business incubator in Pittsburgh, the president will draw attention to ways manufacturing gains have helped advance economic growth.

NBC Pittsburgh (WPXI News)
06/17/14 (Video)
Obama gets injection mold of presidential seal during TechStop visit

President Obama went to TechShop in Bakery Square in Pittsburgh today to announce a new initiative to spur American manufacturing ... Hoping to aid a resurgence in domestic manufacturing, Obama announced the opening of federal laboratories and public-private research spaces to help entrepreneurs during an announcement to about 80 members of TechShop after his tour. Places such as TechShop give entrepreneurs quick access to 3D printers, work space and other tools that are necessary for designing a new product but prohibitively expensive for business start-ups.

06/17/14 (Web)
Obama pushes to expand high-tech manufacturing during Pittsburgh visit

globalized economy buffeted by constant advances in technology wiped out the stability that previous generations relied on but presents opportunities for people who want to add jobs rather than find them, President Obama said on Tuesday in Larimer. Obama toured high-tech workstations at TechShop in Bakery Square, where people pay a membership fee to work with equipment too expensive for most small businesses to own.

06/17/14 (Video)
President Obama Remarks at TechShop in Pittsburgh
President Obama made remarks during a tour of the TechShop facility in Pittsburgh.?He spoke about boosting the economy through investments in manufacturing and entrepreneurship.?

Getty Images
06/17/14 (Web)
President Obama Speaks On The Economy At Pittsburgh's TechShop : News Photo View similar imagesMore from this photographerDownload comp President Obama Speaks On The Economy At Pittsburgh's TechShop
President Barack Obama speaks to a crowd at TechShop Pittsburgh about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in manufacturing Tuesday June 17, 2014 in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Business Times
06/17/14 (Video)
Obama holds up TechShop as place for opportunity for entrepreneurs (Video)
Obama said there is no better example than the work being done at TechShop, which gives people access to expensive tools and technology for "the price of a gym membership."

The New York Times
06/17/14 (Web)
With Business Initiative, Obama Aims to Show He Can Act Without Congress
But the centerpiece of Mr. Obama’s trip here was his visit to TechShop, a workshop that provides entrepreneurs and business owners with the ability to use 3-D printers and other equipment to create prototypes they could otherwise not afford to make.

Bloomberg Businessweek
06/17/14 (Web)
Obama Offers U.S. Assets to Help ‘Tinkers’ Create Jobs
Obama made the announcement of the federal program at TechShop, a private chain of workshops where people can take classes on electronics, metal working, and other industrial tool-based skills to build and test their own inventions and products and create jobs.

06/17/14 (Video)
Maker Summit Hangout is Today!
Maker Summit at TechShop Arlington

06/16/14 (Video)
Pittsburgh TechShop at Bakery Square in spotlight for President Obama's visit

"The most important thing about TechShop and what it symbolizes is that this really is the future. It's the intersection of technology, machines, and people making things ..." said Pittsburgh Technology Council President and CEO Audrey Russo ... TechShop was closed to the public Monday as it prepared for President Obama's visit.... The day after the president visits TechShop in Pittsburgh, he'll be hosting a Maker Faire at the White House.

The Wall Street Journal
06/16/14 (Web)
NI Reshapes Instrumentation With Software-Based, All-In-One Device
"Before, I didn't have the room or budget to buy a full setup for each bench," said Russell Stanphil, electronics advisor at TechShop. "I can now park one laptop and a VirtualBench on each seat, replacing four to five boxes."

06/14/14 (Blog)

On Tuesday, President Obama will travel to TechShop Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to deliver remarks on the economy. Following this, he will travel to New York City to attend the DNC LGBT Gala and take part in another DNC Event. On Wednesday, the President will host the first ever White House Maker Faire and meet with students, entrepreneurs and everyday citizens who are using new tools and techniques to launch new businesses, learn vital skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and fuel the renaissance in American manufacturing.

06/13/14 (Blog)
The Make-It-Yourself Movement Is a New Mecca for Entrepreneurs
Back in the early 2000s, the Maker Movement took hold in California, based on the emergence of such do-it-yourself (DIY) tools as 3-D printers, Google's SketchUp and makerspaces such as TechShop, with all the tools you need to make almost anything ... The movement has spread across the country and across the globe, spawning innovative products, [and] events for enthusiasts, called Maker Faires, now stretch far outside California to places such as Detroit, New York and even Shenzhen, China.

Two Maverix: Over Coffee
06/11/14 (Radio)
Making ... the Future

(Podcast) TechShop CEO and co-founder Mark Hatch asks one question fairly often, in the course of his normal workday. "What are you making?" ... Just prior to a Town Hall meeting about the proposed TechShop Los Angeles, Mark talked about his experiences, how he first became involved with TechShop and his goals for the future.

06/09/14 (Blog)
All It Took to Cure Baldness Was a Laser Beam, a Garage, and an Indiegogo Push
Hamid then moved his operation to TechShop, a sort of club for people who like to make things with their hands. He and a couple of employees at Theradome turned TechShop into a qausi R&D facility, as they prototyped early versions of the helmet. “For $99 a month, we got access to their oscilloscope and computerized cutting machines,” Hamid said

The Ben Heck Show
06/06/14 (Blog)
Ben Heck's Maker Faire Solar Wear Scavenger Hunt
Ben goes on a scavenger hunt at Maker Faire to see if he can find parts to create a solar powered phone charger ... scouring booths to collects everything he'll need to assemble the project at the faire. Watch Ben explore the faire and hack together a hat that will charge his phone. (TechShop section of the video starts at about 6:18 and ends at about 8:58.)

Management Today
06/02/14 (Blog)
AUTHOR Q&A: Margaret Heffernan: A Bigger Prize
Many of the most productive, successful companies that I write about - Arup, Morning Star, WL Gore, Interface, TechShop, Basecamp - are not driven by competition but by two key things: a passionate shared dedication to knowledge and a professional commitment to the deliberate development of super-collaborators. This is what makes them standout companies that last.

L.A. Biz
05/30/14 (Web)
Q&A: TechShop CEO Mark Hatch wants you, L.A.

Mark Hatch wants to bring TechShop to L.A. The nationwide network of membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studios has signed a letter of intent to build its ninth location at The Reef(née LA Mart), a design and innovation hub downtown that’s also home to Maker City LA and Magic Box.

Crain's Detroit Business
05/29/14 (Blog)
If entrepreneurship is to revive Detroit, it can't be fueled by big business alone
TechShop in Allen Park provides welding and other skilled trades opportunities needed in the region.

Digital Journal
05/24/14 (Blog)
Fabrication Studio TechShop is coming to Los Angeles

Imagine a place where you can build whatever you want. There are tools you can use, people to talk to, and skills to learn ... Near the center of this DIY maker movement, where just about anyone can build something for cheap, is a chain of member-based workshops called TechShop. In October 2006, they set up their 1st shop in Menlo Park, California. Over the next few years, TechShop grew into a vibrant, creative community of artists, makers, engineers, startup enthusiasts, and everyone in-between. More than 10 shops later, TechShop is planning to expand into Los Angeles, California.

Jefferson Public Radio
05/21/14 (Radio)
Rogue Hack Lab: Incubator For Innovation And Learning
Mark Hatch is CEO of TechShop, a chain of maker spaces on the West Coast and elsewhere. He’s also author of “The Maker Movement Manifesto.” He says the sort of creative energy being fostered at Rogue Hack Lab is one of the defining characteristics of Maker Culture. Underlying it all, Hatch says, is a basic human need to create beautiful and useful things with our hands.

Washington University Political Review
05/21/14 (Blog)
Cortex Aims High
If all goes as planned, this project will soon be joined by TechShop, a co-operative workshop space where members can access professional-grade tools and equipment for prototyping new devices. This project found a champion in Jim McKelvey, a Washington University alumnus, fixture of the St. Louis technology scene, and co-founder of the mobile payment company Square. McKelvey used a TechShop location in California to develop the prototype of his company’s signature credit card reader.

The Irish Times
05/19/14 (Web)
3D printing and the Internet of Things
DCU’s decision to team up with TechShop means the latest 3D printing facilities will soon be available to everyone in Ireland

05/16/14 (Web)
Blooming arts scene in the heart of the tech world
There's now a distinctive brand of digital culture in the valley that's all about innovation and disruption - the very essences of boundary-pushing art and technology. "Artists have always used technology as a tool," says Mark Hatch, CEO of high-tech maker lab TechShop. "But the density of engineers and entrepreneurs here who code and work in electronics means that high-tech tools are now more accessible and easier to use than ever."

The White House
05/15/14 (Blog)
Challenging Mayors to Help Make a Difference
In advance of the first-ever White House Maker Faire, mayors around the country are signing up to join the Mayors Maker Challenge, a call to action from mayors, challenging their peers to bolster Making in their own communities ... Cities are already getting involved by: Hosting Maker Faires and Mini-Maker Faires ... Supporting maker spaces, like TechShops and Fab Labs, that broaden access to the tools needed for design, prototyping, and making ...