TechShop in the Press

KSDK Newschannel 5
08/21/16 (Video)
New TechShop opens to support entrepreneurs and artists

There's a new high tech business in the Central West End that's creating a lot of buzz. Hundreds of people lined up on Forest Park Avenue, Saturday.... They wanted a first-hand look at the new Tech Shop St. Louis.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
08/19/16 (Web)
TechShop opening in St. Louis a 'playground' for inventors, entrepreneurs

For the dreamers who want to create the next Square mobile payments device or some other invention, a new workshop and fabrication studio in St. Louis will supply the machinery. The ninth TechShop facility in the country, opening this month in the Central West End’s Cortex technology district, is offering the public a sneak peek on Saturday afternoon.

Fox 2 Now
08/19/16 (Video)
St. Louis TechShop to take 'Do-It-Yourself' to a whole new level

But, what happens if you don't even have have a hammer? Well problem solved. Thanks to this place, called TechShop, which takes 'Do-It-Yourself' to a whole new level.

CBS St. Louis
08/15/16 (Web)
TechShop Invests $1 Mil. in Industrial Tools for New Location

If you have ever had the dream to build something, but you are not sure how or where to get started, there is just the place coming to the Cortex Innovation District. TechShop, a workshop that allows members to use professional tools and equipment, is expected to open by the end of the month.

San Francisco Chronicle
08/07/16 (Blog)
Free program to train job seekers for manufacturing careers

Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow, Goodwill Industries, Focus: HOPE and TechShop Detroit are collaborating on the free program.

07/07/16 (Blog)
TechShop’s Andrew Calvo on the new opportunities for hardware entrepreneurs

In San Francisco, we spoke with Andrew Calvo, the director of the local sales at TechShop, and asked him about that company, which allows startups to create products’ prototypes.

Cortex Innovation Community
07/06/16 (Blog)
Murmuration Spotlight: TechShop CEO Mark Hatch Envisions “Maker Revolution” For St. Louis

Recently, we caught up with Hatch to discuss the significance of St. Louis landing a TechShop and what he refers to as the “Maker Revolution.”

07/01/16 (Blog)
Unleash Your Inner Maker
TechShop: This expansive DIY workshop and fabrication studio is a maker’s ultimate playground, offering access to laser cutters, 3-D printers, a woodshop, welding stations, and much more.

06/24/16 (Blog)
4 San Francisco Projects Highlighted During the National Week of Making
The city partners with the White House to recognize initiatives from grassroots manufacturers in the makers movement.

Automation Alley
06/22/16 (Blog)
Six Ways to Keep Kids Engaged in STEM This Summer

TechShop Detroit is calling all curious minds! These five-day summer camps June-August offer hands-on, project-based programming geared to intrigue and fire up the curiosity of kids ages 8-17.

East Bay Times
06/22/16 (Blog)
East Bay cities look to a future in manufacturing

That kind of infrastructure is important to companies like Type A machines, which came to San Leandro in 2014 after it outgrew its space in maker-hub TechShop in San Francisco.

U.S. News & World Report
06/17/16 (Web)
3-D Printing, Now Mainstay of Maker Movement, Helps Entrepreneurs Innovate

Within TechShop ... Hatch identifies five basic groups – hobbyists, entrepreneurs, artists, tinkerers and students – but he says the entrepreneurs are the ones who take advantage of 3-D printing the most due to the quick turnaround time for prototype development.

Yahoo Finance
06/16/16 (Blog)
TechShop Kicks Off "National Week of Making" at National Maker Faire

TechShop Inc., ... will celebrate the second anniversary of its DC-Arlington location by kicking off a week-long series of events throughout the D.C. metropolitan area, starting with a kickoff celebration on June 16 at the company's Crystal City location.

06/08/16 (Blog)
TechShop Detroit Plans Programs to Introduce Kids to STEAM Careers

Young Will would have been right at home at his current place of employment, especially in the coming months as TechShop rolls out new STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education initiatives.

Harvard Business Review
06/01/16 (Print)
Wicked-Problem Solvers

When IT services giant Fujitsu identified the “maker movement”—the rise of DIY as an alternative to purchasing goods and an opportunity for end-user innovation—as a potential new market, it teamed up with TechShop, a chain of makerspaces...

St. Louis Business Journal
05/24/16 (Blog)
Lineup announced for Cortex's new music festival

Headlining the event, scheduled for Sept. 23-25, are musical acts Flying Lotus, Tycho, Deerhoof and Yacht. Main speakers include TechShop CEO Mark Hatch ...

03/11/16 (Blog)
TechShop Sees Success with National Partnerships

We’re still months away from the opening of TechShop St. Louis, but take a drive down Forest Park Avenue and you’ll see progress is being made ... offering a workspace for entrepreneurs, students, makers and anyone with an and idea that just won’t go away.

BAm! Radio Network
03/03/16 (Radio)
Exploring the Maker Mindset and the Maker Movement Manifesto

Laura Fleming and Travis Lape with Mark Hatch. Join us as we explore the  mindset of a maker, the maker manifesto, and the future of making worldwide.

The Atlantic
02/22/16 (Web)
‘The Looming Entrepreneurial Boom’: Kauffman Weighs In
Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop, showing one of its products (a lamp) to Deb Fallows, at the TechShop San Francisco work space. Sites like these, designed to foster start-up manufacturers, are becoming more widespread.

bPlus Sun Journal
02/21/16 (Blog)
Face Time: Noah Chittim, traveling the world and setting up shop

Wildest idea or prototype you've seen someone tackle? There are so many cool ideas that come out of TechShop, from a foldable kayak to Square, the mobile credit card swiper. . . .[O]ne of my favorite prototypes I have worked with was a product made by a group of secondary school children . . . in Lagos, Nigeria.

The New York Times
02/05/16 (Web)
Wood Shop Enters the Age of High-Tech

Commercial operations like TechShop have popped up across the country. And tinkering is being promoted on college campuses from M.I.T. to Santa Clara University, as well as in high schools and elementary schools.

The Monoist
01/27/16 (Web)
Membership DIY workshop "TechShop Tokyo" has held a sneak preview before the opening

From January 26 to 30 2016, TechShop Japan a held a sneak preview of what will become the first Asian membership-based open-access DIY workshop "TechShop Tokyo" (Tokyo, Minato-ku, Ark Mori Building) ... The grand opening is scheduled for April 1st.

01/22/16 (Blog)
Garage for startups: how TechShop workshops back fashion for "iron" [translated]

Startups that produce physical objects cause doubts among investors if they cannot show a prototype of their device. TechShop workshops and their counterparts will help to make it fast and cheap, even for a layperson.

Education Options Expo
01/11/16 (Video)
"What is TechShop? The Maker Movement?" - Senior GM Raffie Colet- EOX 2016 SPEAKER

All these tools that TechShop can provide in our local services will bring, in part, those services back, teaching kids how to use hand tools, how to do basic fabrication methods, but then also teaching them modern fabrication.

Les Echos
01/10/16 (Blog)
Leroy Merlin will double the bet to seduce the

The Leroy Merlin DIY chain will open in Lille, by the end of the year, a collaborative workshop TechShop, which will be the largest in Europe, in partnership with Euratechnologies and the Catholic University of Lille.

Le Journal des enterprises
01/08/16 (Blog)
Lille. Leroy Merlin is investing $3 million to open a TechShop

Leroy Merlin will open a TechShop in Lille in 2016, in partnership with Euratechnologies and the Catholic University of Lille.

The Huffington Post
01/07/16 (Blog)
Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 15: DJ Jayalath and Mark Hatch

Prior to co-founding TechShop, the former Green Beret was an exec at Kinko's, Avery Dennison and Health Net ... Mark explained why being a Green Beret is good training for entrepreneurs.

Steve Blank Blog
01/07/16 (Blog)
Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 15: DJ Jayalath and Mark Hatch

Mark Hatch is one of the leaders of the Maker Movement. Prior to co-founding TechShop, the former Green Beret was an exec at Kinko's ...

01/01/16 (Blog)
Leroy Merlin will open a "workshop" in Lille

Following up the inauguration of TechShop, a collaborative production workshop in Ivry-sur-Seine in October, the Leroy Merlin DIY chain will open a second site, this time in Lille, at the end of 2016.

the Hustle
12/11/15 (Blog)
The Maker Movement Is Taking Over America Here's How

TechShop offers visitors access to equipment like 3D printers, laser cutters, and wood lathes for set fees. They have 10 locations across America and some of today’s hottest startups have been created in their workshops.

12/07/15 (Blog)
What’s New with TechShop St. Louis

Opening in July 2016, TechShop’s highly anticipated St. Louis location spans 18,000 square feet on the corner of Forest Park Avenue and Boyle, offering a sanctuary for dreamers, doers and makers.

10/09/15 (Video)
Step inside an inventor's playground

Mike Rowe meets up with TechShop CEO Mark Hatch and founder Jim Newton in San Francisco on "Somebody's Gotta Do It."

  Enterprise Innovation
10/06/15 (Blog)
Fujitsu backs first open-access DIY workshop in Asia

Fujitsu and TechShop, an operator of eight membership-based, open-access DIY (do-it-yourself) workshops and fabrication studios around the United States, have established TechShop Japan.

Make: Magazine
09/14/15 (Blog)
5 Life-Changing Accessibility Inventions Made in 72 Hours

Team Smart Ass was a co-winner of both the award for Innovation and the TechShop award for Self Manufacturing.

KQED Science
09/14/15 (Blog)
Techies and People With Disabilities Team Up for ‘Makeathon’

TechShop, a do-it-yourself workshop crammed with tools and equipment, was hosting a 72-jhour "makeathon" for teams to develop assistive technology alongside people with disabilities.
09/11/15 (Web)
4 Things You Need to Know About Turning a Passion Into a Business

The former Google employee had been hanging out at the DIY workspace TechShop, where she developed a serious obsession with making things.

08/26/15 (Blog)
Will Makerspaces Jumpstart a New Industrial Revolution?

The bottom line is that makerspaces like TechShop have become a breeding ground for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. We are just getting started, and the impact will be enormous.

08/12/15 (Blog)
Join The Giants Of The Maker Movement At TC Disrupt In San Francisco

Whether you sling code or craft hardware, the ability to build is of absolute importance in the new economy. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be hanging out with Makerbot CEO Jonathan Jaglom, TechShop head Mark Hatch, and Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen on the main stage at TechCrunch Disrupt SF.

California Economic Summit
08/04/15 (Blog)
Makerspaces, or “Kinkos for geeks,” making jobs in California

As for the Johnson brothers, they decided to continue their brainstorming sessions in a TechShop workspace and came up with a product forged by ingenuity with a big dose of irony.

07/30/15 (Web)
Here's How TechShop Is Manufacturing Startups And Entrepreneurs

You can make almost anything at a TechShop, a fast-growing chain of co-working spaces that stock industrial water-jet cutters and 3-D printers and every other high-tech tool imaginable. But what the shops really produce are entrepreneurs and economic impact.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
07/27/15 (Web)
21+ Night! @TechShop PGH

Party with a purpose: TechShop in Bakery Square hosted more than 300 guests at its 21-plus night on Thursday to encourage people around the community to come and explore all that TechShop has to offer.

06/25/15 (Video)
Human Centric Innovation and the Maker Movement
During a recent panel discussion at Fujitsu Forum Tokyo 2015, global innovation experts discussed ... how the US-originated 'Maker Movement' can inspire innovation ...

06/25/15 (Video)
We empower people to innovate and help the 'Creative Class' build their dreams
Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop, discusses the TechShop success story, and how they are helping to drive innovation.

06/25/15 (Blog)
Driving the Maker Movement for Long-lasting Innovation [ TechShop, Inc. ]
TechShop provides spaces and resources for makers. Together with Fujitsu, they have created 'TechShop Inside! – Powered by FUJITSU', a new initiative for students of all ages to experience 'making'.

06/25/15 (Video)
Our vision is to have a TechShop in every community in the world
Interview with TechShop CEO Mark Hatch during Fujitsu Forum 2015 session

Popular Mechanics
06/10/15 (Web)
Making Good: How Makers and Teachers Helped Two Schools Get New Furniture
We then connected the teachers—one at an elementary school in rural Alabama, one at a high school near Detroit—with makers whose skills matched the projects.... Twenty-four craftspeople (from TechShop, the national makerspace chain, and Foomatic Makerspace in Montgomery, Alabama) volunteered to build exactly what the students needed.

06/10/15 (Web)
TechShop gives the Maker Movement a big boost
By creating and certifying mini versions of itself through its Makerspace Academy, TechShop hopes to help midwife thousands of small businesses (some of which will become large businesses).

Connection Newspapers
04/14/15 (Blog)
TechShop Arlington Celebrates 1st Birthday April 18
All they lack is a modern $1,500,000 (give or take a few dollars) workshop in the garage or basement. Now they have one, here in Arlington, and it is open 24 hours a day.

04/14/15 (Blog)
Meet the maker - the man behind the maker moverment
One of the most prized aspects of TechShop, and the maker movement generally, is the variety of people and backgrounds that get involved. This has created a community and that is where [TechShop CE0 Mark] Hatch really places value in what he does ... "It is not about the tools, it is about the people who show up to use them," he said.

The Irish Times
04/13/15 (Blog)
TechShop: Warm welcome to weird and wonderful world of welding
In our ongoing series on TechShop, where you can access industrial tools, we get down and dirty with welders

Huffington Post
04/09/15 (Blog)
From Geek to Chic: Our Nation's Most Innovative Makers
Maker Media, Inc. -- which produces Make: magazine and Maker Faire -- has cultivated makerspaces and has been a key catalyst in what has come to be known as the maker movement. Just one year after garnering enough interest from the first Maker Faire in 2005, the first open-access public workshop, called TechShop, opened in Menlo Park, California.

CBS Pittsburgh
04/08/15 (Video)
Governor Visits TechShop In Bakery Square To Promote Manufacturing
It’s called TechShop in Bakery Square — and if that sounds familiar — President Obama was there last June to celebrate people who make things. Now, Gov. Tom Wolf toured the shop to promote his commitment to jobs that pay.

The Irish Times
03/30/15 (Blog)
TechShop: High-tech DIY movement may come to Dublin
While many small unconnected groups have been moving in this direction for a long time, the TechShop movement represents a more sophisticated approach ... And while many members might be there to pursue hobbies or personal interests ... [t]here are people making serious money from TechShop-based businesses.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
03/29/15 (Blog)
Brothers' passion for 3-D printing inspires backers to invest
The brothers’ entrepreneurial savvy is a mixture of genetics, do-it-yourself spirit, and a willingness to learn from the other “makers” and entrepreneurs based at TechShop, a breeding ground for tinkerers and techies.

03/26/15 (Video)
Mark Hatch & Thomas Kalil - StudioSX 2015

Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop, and Thomas Kalil, deputy director of policy for the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, discuss their mission to make the U.S. a nation of makers.

Connection Newspapers
03/24/15 (Blog)
Arlington's Little Libraries: Take a Book, Return a Book
TechShop DC in Crystal City is a fully-equipped workshop where participants undertake their own building projects using modern tools which are shared among members ... Once Zealand made contact, several members of TechShop DC made a commitment to design and build all-weather bookcases.

Home Accents Today
03/20/15 (Blog)
Make Way for the Maker Movement
The movement has exploded in the past several years, thanks to an increased availability of technological tools, from 3-D printing to online crowdfunding platforms to member-based workshops like TechShop, which provides makers with access to workspace, software and professional equipment.

Pittsburgh Business Times
03/18/15 (Video)
TechShop Pittsburgh gearing up to operate 24/7

TechShop Pittsburgh, located in East Liberty, is gearing up to stay open at all hours to accommodate members who want to come in early or stay late.

Los Angeles Times
03/08/15 (Web)
Tech scene takes hold in revitalized downtown L.A.
Another building transformed by the tech economy is the LA Mart, a longtime center for trade that in recent years added a creative space for tech and design companies ... Over the next few months, TechShop — a chain of member-based workshops that provides access to tools, training and space — plans to build out a 20,000-square-foot facility there.

02/19/15 (Blog)
4 Things Steve Jobs Taught Me About Succeeding as an Entrepreneur
If you’re hiring the right people, they’re going to be curious ... If one of our developers is interested in learning a new programming language, I’ll pay for classes. We wound up implementing some hardware ideas that an employee dreamed up at TechShop. Let your employees get out there and play in the sandbox...

St. Louis Business Journal
02/18/15 (Blog)
TechShop COO: We were doing backflips over chance to come to St. Louis
And last month, civic leaders scored a coup when it was announced that St. Louis would become, in 2016, the latest home for a TechShop — a do-it-yourself "maker shop", designed to let people of varying skill levels gain access to industrial tools, equipment and technology.

02/18/15 (Blog)
Créer Quelque Chose! TechShop Makes Expansion Into Europe
This particular expansion for TechShop marks a significant landmark not just for the organization, but for the Maker Movement as a whole ... TechShop’s expansion beyond the United States signals the increasing significance of making and its effect on the overall global ethos.

EDN Network
02/18/15 (Blog)
The world is ours to make: The impact of the maker movement
These “startup makers” iterate on prototypes with high-end tools at professional makerspaces such as TechShop and FabLab.

The Detroit News
02/12/15 (Web)
Ann Arbor startup wins regional business competition
A panel of Metro Detroit venture capitalists chose Vayu as the winner of the first Hardware Cup, a innovation competition hosted by Tech Shop Detroit. Six start-ups presented their products for four minutes in the hopes of being chosen to compete at the national level.

Huffington Post
02/09/15 (Blog)
How A Product Honed At TechShop Went On To Save The Lives Of 87,000 Babies

For thousands of babies born too early to regulate their own body temperature, the Embrace Warmer blanket has been a lifesaver. And part of the product's effectiveness is the improvements made on the technology at TechShop ...

02/09/15 (Blog)
To survive, companies need to stop hiding behind their walls
...Other experiments, such as the Ford-TechShop partnership in Detroit and a similar build-out with BMW in Berlin, are providing more opportunities to discover what happens when community members and corporate employees are given access to equipment and space to explore, invent, and interact with each other outside the normal confines of the workplace.

HuffPost Live
02/06/15 (Video)
TechShop Is Making Makers Make

TechShop, a chain of low-cost factory spaces with high tech tools, gives makers and hackers the opportunity to create prototypes and experimental product lines. Designed to spark collaborations, we hear how ideas come to life together.

Huff Post Live
02/06/15 (Video)
Lumio Creator Discusses The Magic Behind His Amazing Lighting Invention
Max Gunawan talks about starting with an idea at TechShop and seeing it through to completion.

HuffPost Live
02/06/15 (Video)
TechShop CEO Discusses The Inspiration Behind The Collaboration Space
Mark Hatch describes what TechShop is and how it’s helping to better society.

HuffPost Live
02/06/15 (Video)
How TechShop Helped Save Over 80,000 Babies
Mark Hatch discusses one of the inventions to come oput of TechShop that’s ended up saving thousands of lives.

02/02/15 (Blog)
TechShop Inside is a DIY innovation workshop on wheels
Program director Cody McCabe says that it's simpler and cheaper to take the makerspace to students than transport students to a workshop to have access to these tools ... TechShop Inside [can] be used as part of an educator's existing curriculum, to supplement a curriculum, or as an extracurricular offering at schools and libraries.

Silicon Valley Business Journal
02/02/15 (Blog)
Meet four TechShop inventors — then come party with SJ's tech workers
On any given day at TechShop in San Jose, you're liable to find inventors using the equipment there to build their drones, crowd-funded gadgets or advanced robots ... The creative community of TechShop folks fosters not only business connections but product innovations and shared learning.

02/02/15 (Blog)
The Internet Applied To Things And The Third Industrial Revolution
Companies like MakerBot, TechShop and Kickstarter are playing a large part in fixing the breakdown between historical industrialized employment and manufacturing models, which people still depend on for work, and the more flat and networked world in which we now live.

Pittsburgh Business Times
01/28/15 (Blog)
AlphaLab Gear, TechShop launch national competition for hardware startups
East Liberty-based AlphaLab Gear is teaming with TechShop on a national contest aimed at finding the top hardware ideas across the U.S.

Voice of America
01/22/15 (Radio)
TechShop Puts High-Tech Dreams Within Reach
Members of TechShop use high-tech equipment to develop and produce ideas they have for inventions. Members are able to use costly machines including 3D modeling tools and laser cutters. Membership costs for TechShop start at just over $100 per month.

01/20/15 (Blog)
PSFK x PCH Present Key Themes From The Maker Movement
Pioneers such as Billie Whitehouse (WE:EX), Carrie Motamedi (TechShop), Liam Casey (PCH) describe a movement alongside speakers from Autodesk, Modbot, OnBeep & Shortcut Labs

St. Louis Business Journal
01/20/15 (Web)
TechShop finalizes plan for St. Louis location

The project, expected to be completed in July 2016, will house equipment and classes for amateur and professional inventors. Memberships cost $1,300 annually or can be paid each month. The St. Louis TechShop location already has about 500 memberships secured, with some coming from Washington University and Monsanto.

St. Louis Today
01/19/15 (Web)
TechShop announces St. Louis location

In St. Louis, TechShop will occupy the first floor of a three-story building to be constructed at the southeast corner of Forest Park and Boyle avenues ... The new building, estimated to cost $23.9 million, should open by fall 2016.

St. Louis Public Radio
01/18/15 (Blog)
Cortex To Construct New Building: TechShop Will Anchor

Cortex has worked hard to bring the company to St. Louis, helping raise $3 million in capital and recruiting membership commitments. Already in eight other cities, TechShop provides space, industrial equipment and classes for both amateur and professional inventors.

01/16/15 (Web)
Trip Tips: Navigating San Francisco's startup scene

TechShop is one of the birthplaces of the "Maker movement", a do-it-yourself, tinkering renaissance that is sweeping northern California and Europe. Visitors can request a free tour to see the machinery, including 3D printers and a metal shop (every half hour, from noon to 9 p.m.).

USA Today
01/15/15 (Blog)
Electronic hardware from maker movement

When you think about the possibilities available when you combine crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, along with the tech incubators/workshops like TechShop, and the viral marketing/advertising efforts now possible with social media, you realize we really are on the cusp of what could be a very exciting new era.

The New York Times
01/03/15 (Web)
Adviser Guides Obama Into the Google Age
She came up with the idea for a brainstorming-and-prototyping day at TechShop, a “maker space” in suburban Virginia, where teams of health experts, engineers and designers worked on improving protective suits for health workers fighting the Ebola virus.

The Economic Times
01/02/15 (Blog)
Imagineering 2015: How India Inc can go frugal this year
In 2012, Ford's then CEO Alan Mulally tied up with TechShop ... to set up a giant "innovation playground" in Detroit where Ford's employees can tinker with 3D printers and other do-it-yourself technologies and rapidly convert their ideas into prototypes. By empowering engineers to develop breakthrough ideas in an unstructured environment ... Ford has increased its patentable ideas by over 100 percent without spending more on R&D.

Internet @ Schools
01/01/15 (Blog)
THE PIPELINE: Influence--Real Makerspaces in School Libraries
So what are the four flavors of makerspaces? Kroski divides them up into FabLabs, Hackerspaces, TechShops, and Makerspaces.

12/28/14 (Web)
Office Space: Workers at TechShop help build companies
Inside TechShop’s office in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, there is a red phone and a green phone. The red one is a direct line to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The green one goes to the U.S. Department of Commerce ... tactile reminders of TechShop’s mission: to help entrepreneurs go from prototype to patent as easily as possible.

Popular Mechanics
12/24/14 (Video)
How the Phoenix Startup Economy Found the Space and Tools to Grow
Hardware startups in Phoenix get a boost from a new TechShop makerspace launched in collaboration with Arizona State University.

Popular Science
12/16/14 (Blog)

12/10/14 (Video)
Carrie Motamedi at Makers Movement: “Democratized Creation and Access will Lead Innovation”

Techshop has defined community as a powerful force in innovation and Carrie [Motamedi,head of Marketing and Company Culture at TechShop] speaks to what that looks like in practice. Watch Carrie’s talk to find out how access and community is integral for people to succeed.

Autocar Professional
12/10/14 (Blog)
BMW Group and UnternehmerTUM launch TechFounders accelerator programme - See more at:
The programme is looking for start-ups with innovative ideas from the automotive sector. In addition to intensive expert support from UnternehmerTUM coaches, BMW Group mentors and outstanding business personalities, the teams will also be provided with office rooms, access to the high-tech prototype workshop ‘TechShop’ and a development budget of 25,000 euros.

12/09/14 (Web)
How Can You Stand Out in Silicon Valley? Ask These 10 Fast-Growing San Jose-Based Businesses

#2. TechShop ... Under the leadership of CEO Mark Hatch, the company saw revenue grow 778 percent to $10 million in 2013 from $1.1 million in 2010. Clocking in at 611 in 2014, this year marks TechShop's second time on the Inc. 5000.

12/06/14 (Video)
TechShop Inside is a modern shop class on wheels

It's called TechShop Inside, and it's a 24-foot trailer outfitted with laser cutting machines, 3D printers and an arsenal of traditional tools. Its mission? Teach America's students how to design, prototype and manufacture their dreams.

Austin Chronicle
12/04/14 (Web)
Who's Letting You Use a Laser Cutter and a 3-D Printer?

That's another thing you're going to find at TechShop: Classes to teach you what you need to know – and what they need you to know before letting you loose on the hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of equipment stationed in the clean, well-organized, and brightly lit space ... just off I-35 in Round Rock.

The Austin Chronicle
12/04/14 (Blog)
Austin Chronicle Gift Guide
TechShop – which has even more industrial tools for your projects.

Community Impact Newspaper
12/03/14 (Web)
Round Rock attracting new high-end manufacturers
One way Round Rock manufacturers are getting started is by foregoing the traditional workspace altogether. At TechShop Austin-Round Rock, located in Round Rock, entrepreneurs and hobbyists can pay a membership fee and have access to the high-end tools other operations paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire.

Woodworking Network
12/01/14 (Blog)
Automation Aids Binder's Growth
The team did not have any background in manufacturing and had never built a factory. Buckley spent a short time training to run a CNC machine at TechShop, a chain of public access workshops in San Francisco ... When DODOcase brought in a reported $1 million in sales in 90 days, Buckley and his partners kicked up the manufacturing process.

11/21/14 (Blog)
From Mindstorms to Intel Edison for low-cost Braille printer
The BBC has reported that the 13-year-old from San Jose has caught the eye of Intel, no less, which has invested in the Braigo project ... [according to Shubha Banerjee,] "I got membership at the TechShop in San Jose to learn design tools, worked with other individuals to get 3D printed mechanical parts and also [a] machinist to design new Braille heads and assembly.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
11/19/14 (Blog)
Entrepreneurs get more than a fair shot in Pittsburgh, study finds

President Obama listens as Andy Leer gives a demonstration on a 3D printer during a visit to TechShop Pittsburgh in Bakery Square in June.

TechCocktail DC
11/17/14 (Blog)
How Companies Like DC’s iStrategyLabs are Utilizing TechShop DC-Arlington
Since openings its doors earlier this year, TechShop DC-Arlington in Crystal City, VA has become an invaluable resource to those in the DC region hoping to get engaged in the Maker Movement ... “TechShop helps bring makers together at a centralized location,” said Saale. Without it, the community would continue to consist of disparate workshops that flew under the radar.”

Spartan Daily
11/17/14 (Web)
Local businesses have fun nerding out
A realm of businesses in San Jose appeals to the average consumer with a curating twist beyond the norm, including Game Shop Downstairs, TechShop San Jose and 7 Stars Bar & Grill.

TechCocktail DC
11/17/14 (Blog)
How TechShop DC-Arlington Enabled a High School Senior to Start a Business
Atkins joined TechShop DC-Arlington this past June and has since launched a customization company called 3205 Customs. For someone who is still in high school, getting involved in TechShop has really paid off for him.