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WKS011: Internet of Things

Have you been wondering how to connect your toaster to the Internet? Or maybe you've been curious about the buzz going around.

This Internet of Things (IOT) workshop will be a great introduction to the world of connected devices. We'll provide background on the IOT world and help you dream up devices you may want to build on your own. We'll also cover basics of electronics and microcontrollers as well as the basics of building a simple web app to control an RGB LED.

Participants will each get their own Electric Imp, a WiFi-connected module with some inputs and outputs to build a basic IOT object.

It is recommended that students have taken basic electronics or Arduino I before the class but not necessary. Before class, participants may wish to sign up for a free account at Weebly.com and ElectricImp.com to prepare for the class.

1 session currently scheduled:
    Internet of Things Saturday, 10/25/14 1:00 PM 3.5 Hours 7 SEATS TOTAL
    * Member Sign Up $160.00, No Materials Fee
    Non-member Sign Up $180.00, No Materials Fee
    * Membership is verified at the time of the class session. Be sure to bring your badge.