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SPI201: Business Development Basics

Entrepreneur and investor, Gene Kirila, has launched three successful businesses over the past two decades.

Early in his entrepreneurial career, Gene started recording what worked and what didn’t. He repeated – and then refined – the proven tactics, from business development to sales strategy, and from intellectual property development to marketing. He hired experts to see if they could accelerate growth, and adjusted his system to incorporate validated practices.

The end result is a system born in the trenches, tested under both extreme crisis and extreme opportunities. Trep focuses on the critical elements that propel – or derail – the growth of a private company like yours. It focuses your attention on the details that matter most. It helps you run circles around the elephant-like giant companies that surround you, while keeping your company focused on what you do best.

Join Gene as he introduces you to the basics of business development.

1 session currently scheduled:
    Business Development Basics
(Business Development Basics)
Sunday, 11/9/14 2:00 PM 2.0 Hours 35 SEATS TOTAL
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SPI506: Protecting it with Patents and Trademarks

Featured Presentation: "The Better Mousetrap - Protecting it with Patents and Trademarks"

Guest Speaker: James Porcelli

This presentation discusses patents, trademarks, and copyrights in terms understandable to the non-specialist. Included will be explanations on the processes for acquiring federal protection through patents, trademarks and copyrights, and how you know if you need such protection.

James Porcelli has been a patent attorney for the past 25 years and has worked for the Webb Law Firm for the past 15 years. He worked as a mechanical engineer for 8 years prior to graduating from law school at the University of Pittsburgh.

This event is FREE and open to both members and non-members of TechShop Pittsburgh. It is not affiliated with any other group or companies. First-time visitors, please come early to check in at the Front Desk and receive a free tour of TechShop. Questions? Please call (412) 345-7182.

1 session currently scheduled:
    Protecting it with Patents and Trademarks Sunday, 1/11/15 2:00 PM 2.0 Hours 20 SEATS TOTAL
    Member and non-member Sign Up FREE, No Materials Fee
SPI907: Weld Focus Group

Come and focus on your welding skills in this unique group, led by a certified welder and TechShop member. Bring your in-progress projects, learn from fellow members and seasoned welders, and get some hands-on practice with welding in a dynamic group setting. This focus group is free to attend and exclusively for TechShop members.

*Note: You must have taken and successfully passed the MIG SBU and TIG SBU prior to enrolling in this focus group.*

1 session currently scheduled:
    Weld Focus Group Wednesday, 11/19/14 7:00 PM 2.0 Hours 6 SEATS TOTAL
    Member and non-member Sign Up FREE, No Materials Fee