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STEAM110: Home School Product Design Immersion

10 Week Product Design Immersion Program (Fall 2014)

This program is a 10 week course that will meet once a week for two hour sessions. The focus of this program is to develop skills used by industrial designers to take a product through the various stages of development. The program starts with using sketches as a tool for communicating your ideas to others, and then turning sketches into vectors using Adobe Illustrator. The students will then be issued a product category and design constraints, just like industrial designers would get from a client. After concepting and exploring different solutions, we will hone in on a idea and refine it for prototyping. Using our facility’s tools, students will build a model that will demonstrate their solutions and allow them to interact with their design to test how successfully their design works in the real world.

Module 1 : Sketching for communication

Week 1 - Sketching basics

Week 2- Adobe Illustrator basics pt.1

Week 3- Adobe Illustrator basics pt.2

Module 2: Design

Week 4-Product catagory and client constraints

Week 5- Concept generation

Week 6- Select a concept and refine

Module 3: Prototyping

Week 7- Drafting parts and bill of materials

Week 8- Build and assemble pt.1

Week 9- Build and assemble pt.2

Module 4: Presentation and design critique

This Course was Developed by TechShop SOMA. If you would like a course designed for your group, Please email

1 session currently scheduled:
    Home School Product Design Immersion Monday, 9/8/14 12:30 PM 2.0 Hours 6 SEATS TOTAL
    Member and non-member Sign Up $650.00, No Materials Fee