Job Openings

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TechShop Austin-Round Rock
Dream Consultant -- TechShop Austin-Round Rock (#DC-ARR)
Front Desk Inceptionist – TechShop Austin-Round Rock (#FD-ARR)
TechShop Chandler
Instructor -- TechShop Chandler (#INSTR_CHA)
TechShop DC-Arlington
Senior Sales Account Manager -- TechShop DC-Arlington (#SrSales-DCA)
TechShop Detroit
Dream Consultant -- TechShop Detroit (#DC-DT)
TechShop Mid Peninsula
Instructors -- TechShop Mid Peninsula (#INSTR-MP)
Senior Sales Account Manager -- TechShop Mid Peninsula (#SrSales-MP)
TechShop Pittsburgh
Instructors -- TechShop Pittsburgh (#PGH-INSTA)
TechShop San Jose
Instructors -- TechShop San Jose (#INSTR-SJ)