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When you invest at least $25,000, you receive a Free VIP Lifetime Membership which also covers your spouse or domestic partner (living at your address) and all your children under 21.

TechShop is a membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and prototyping studio that provides makers of all ages and skill levels affordable, open access to a wide range of tools, equipment, resources, and workspace.

Since 2006, TechShop has opened nine locations across the U.S, from San Francisco to Detroit to Austin to Washington DC. TechShop has provided its members with the tools and support they need to launch dozens of companies and create thousands of new jobs in the process. Just ask successful businesses like Square and DODOcase, which created their prototypes right at TechShop!

When a new TechShop opens, the impact on the community is immeasurable. TechShop brings together and cultivates a highly creative, collaborative group of makers, tinkerers, students, academics, and entrepreneurs, who share ideas, learn new skills, and create new products, businesses and jobs.

TechShop partners with universities, community colleges, corporations, nonprofits and companies big and small. Together, we democratize access to the tools of invention in local communities, providing the resources that real people need to turn their big ideas into real successes. As an investor, you become an integral part of this process, as your funds directly impact TechShop's ability to reach, equip, and empower as many makers around the globe as possible.

How To Invest:
Updated October 2017

Right now, you can purchase TechShop, Inc. Series B Preferred Stock at a 10% discount!

We are currently providing investors with a 10% discount, meaning a stock price of $2.286 per share.

Please note that there is a $10,000 minimum for all investments.

Additionally, if you invest at least $25,000, as a bonus, we will provide you with a free VIP TechShop Lifetime Membership which also covers your spouse or domestic partner (living at your address) and all your children under 21.

In order to become an investor in this offering, you must meet the SEC definition of an accredited investor.

All offerings are currently scheduled to close on December 31, 2018.

If you're interested in investing in TechShop, please email us right now at invest@techshop.com and we'll give you complete information about this offering.

Why Did I Invest In TechShop?
"I've always wanted to work with shop tools, but when I was a teenager, girls didn't do that sort of thing. Then at age 70, I found TechShop, and now I am fulfilling this life-long need. I invested in TechShop because it satisfies the Maker passion of all genders and ages, regardless of skill level."
Jill Knuth
Lender, TechShop Mid-Peninsula
"From the first day I walked into TechShop in 2006, I knew they were onto something, and I was eager to get involved in any way I could. TechShop empowers Makers with the resources, information, and community network they need to succeed and grow. I've developed skills and interests I didn't know I had! Being able to invest in TechShop and support this cause was a no-brainer."
Jennifer Tong
Lender, TechShop San Jose
"I invested in TechShop because I believe in the founders' vision to democratize the Maker and technology movement for anyone with a desire to learn. For me, taking classes and building things at TechShop brings back the joy I had in my 7th grade industrial arts class."
Gregory Miller
Investor, TechShop, Inc.
"We invested in TechShop because we immediately saw its value to small businesses like ours. Access to TechShop equipment and resources has helped revolutionize our manufacturing process. Our product lines have more than doubled, and we are far better able to respond to our customers' demands for customized products."
Bob & Nani Lavin
Lenders, TechShop Mid-Peninsula
"When the new San Francisco location was first announced, I was very excited to be getting a TechShop in my city. Investing was an easy decision, because with every visit to TechShop, I could actually experience my investment in action, which is both fulfilling and inspiring. I love knowing that I helped launch a shop that serves as an anchor in the SF Maker culture and is also enabling many people to pursue their dreams."
Perry Tancredi
Lender, TechShop San Francisco
Upcoming Investment Opportunity Webinars and In-Person Events
Join us at an upcoming live webinar or in-person event to learn how YOU can become a TechShop investor and support the future of innovation.

TechShop Investment webinars and events are usually hosted by TechShop's Founder and Chairman Jim Newton, TechShop's CFO Mike Hilberman, and TechShop's Director of Investments Elizabeth Bobek Bauer.

There's always time at the end of the event for Q & A from you and the other attendees.


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TechShop Investment Opportunity
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