WKS708: Chair Making Workshop Informational Meeting
Class Number 940-35847

Join us to discuss our upcoming chair making workshop with creator and instructor David Petersen. This is a four session workshop that includes the design, fabrication and finishing of a traditional wood chair utilizing the ShopBot CNC router. Students will learn design strategies, construction processes and finishing techniques. The result will be a fully functional chair of the student's design.

Workshop Session 1 - Chair Design

Workshop Session 2 - Material Preparation

Workshop Session 3 - Mortise & Tenons

Workshop Session 4 - Finishing and Assembly

Prerequisites: CNC201: CAD/CAM Software - VCarve Pro and Cut3D, AUD006: Autodesk Inventor - Basics, WOD201: Jointer, Planer and Table Router SBU, WOD101: Wood Shop SBU, CNC302: CNC ShopBot SBU - Level 3

TechShop Location: TechShop Austin-Round Rock
Room / Area: Conference Room
Instructor: David Petersen
Class Date: Saturday, Jun 22, 2013
Start Time: 2:00 PM
Class Length: 1 Hour
Price: FREE!
Lab Fee: None
Age Range: All (Contact the store to register students under 13.)
Min. Students: 2
Max Students: 50
Current Students: 10
Seats Left: 40
Sorry, this Class is Over! There Are Currently No Other "Chair Making Workshop Informational Meeting" Classes with Seats Still Available, But Please Check the Class Catalog Again Soon.