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WKS602: Folding-Wing Glider and Launcher (DT)
Class Number 648-22121

Celebrate Father's Day with TechShop and WIRED'S GeekDad!

Remember those 25¢ gliders at the grocery checkout stand? Did you tug on your Pop’s shirt sleeve until he got you one? Well, welcome to the 21st century!

If you enjoyed playing with those old-school, hand-tossed gliders that only managed to fly 20 feet or so and then only for a few seconds, you and yours are gonna have a blast with this glider! Launched with a giant rubber band, this winged marvel folds them back and zips straight into the sky ... over 60 feet (your results may vary)! When the glider reaches its peak, the wings magically pop open, enabling a long and graceful glide back down to Terra Shoppa. Hours of fun guaranteed!

Come, use the laser to cut and customize the wings; then bend, fold, glue, cut and assemble balsa wood and aluminum to build this baby! Next, let's hit the field and let them fly!

Special Father's Day pricing is for teams of two, and includes one glider. Additional gliders require purchase of additional workshop seats. No prior experience or SBU classes required.

Team price: $49. Two participants per team. Team leader: Please register here or via phone, then email with team members' names.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop utilizes TechShop’s equipment but all shop rules still apply – unless you have passed our required safety course, your instructor will assist you with your printing. This is not an SBU workshop – you may NOT use TechShop's equipment without passing the associated Safety and Basic Use class.

Students ages 8 and up may attend ONLY if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian MUST sign up for the workshop as well.

TechShop Location: TechShop Detroit-Allen Park
Room / Area: Laser Cutter Studio
Class Date: Saturday, Jun 16, 2012
Start Time: 12:00 PM
Class Length: 2 Hours
Price: $49.00
Lab Fee: None
Age Range: 8 and Up (Contact the store to register students under 13.)
Min. Students: 2
Max Students: 15
Current Students: 1
Seats Left: 14
Sorry, this Class is Over! There Are Currently No Other "Folding-Wing Glider and Launcher (DT) " Classes with Seats Still Available, But Please Check the Class Catalog Again Soon.