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CNC401: CNC Waterjet Cutter SBU
Class Number 398-117680

In this Safety and Basic Use (SBU) class, learn to safely operate the waterjet cutter, one of the most powerful tools at TechShop.

Precisely cut almost any flat material with a very thin, high pressure stream of water and abrasive garnet. Work with everything from the thinnest sheet metal to 8 inches of granite, as well as wood, glass, tile, marble, and more. This extremely versatile, easy-to-program, and low-waste machine works without the risk of heat damage. The large bed accommodates full sheets of material.

Class time is split between learning the FlowPath software and using the waterjet.

Note: When using the FlowJet, a consumables fee will be charged, only for cutting time, not setup time. The waterjet cuts quickly and cost estimate strategies will be covered.

Project: Gear-shaped bottle opener

  • Required: Understanding of vector-based graphics

  • Recommended: CAD to CAM experience
Equipment access: Waterjet cutter

  • Required: Wear closed-toe shoes, remove dangling jewelry, and tie back long hair

  • Advisable: Hearing protection

TechShop Detroit's waterjet cutter has a worktable of 6'6" x 10'1", cutting material up to 4" thick.

Passing this class is a requirement to use this equipment at TechShop

TechShop Location: TechShop Detroit-Allen Park
Room / Area: Hot Shop / Sheet Metal Room
Instructor: Al Moir
Class Date: Thursday, Dec 21, 2017
Start Time: 10:00 AM
Class Length: 4 Hours
Member Price: $120.00 Note: Active membership badge required at class check in.
Non-member Price: $150.00
Lab Fee: None
Age Range: 16 and Up
Must Attend with Parent: 16 through 17
Min. Students: 2
Max Students: 4
Current Students: 0
Seats Left: 4

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