Equipment Reservation Calendars

TechShop Austin-Round Rock Reservation Calendars

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If you are an active TechShop member, you can reserve time on any machine or equipment for which you have taken and passed the TechShop SBU class.

To make a reservation, simply take the following steps:

  1. Choose the machine or equipment you want to reserve from the drop-down list below
  2. Find an available block of time you want from the calendar for the specific machine or equipment
  3. Write down the machine name, the date, and the time of the block you want
  4. Call us at (512) 900-4664 and give us the information, and we will reserve the machine for you for that time slot.


If your membership is not active (for example, it has expired or has not been started yet), you will need to activate your membership before you can request a reservation.

Cancellations, Late-Shows and No-Shows
Lots of other TechShop members share this equipment with you, so please do not abuse your reservation privileges. If you can't make your reservation, call us to cancel at (512) 900-4664 as soon as you know so we can make the time slot available for other members.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your reservation, and you haven't called to let us know, you forfeit that reservation. Failing to cancel a reservation and no-showing/no-calling more than twice will result in a 1 month reservation suspension. You will not be allowed to reserve any equipment for 30 days.