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Brain DJVJ Meet-Up
Wednesday, 3/6/2013
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
TechShop San Francisco

Are you interesting in using thoughts to communicate with computers?

If so, then this meet-up is for you. We are seeking like minded individuals interested in building sensors and using brainwave signals for interactive art, performance, or even transcendental meditation. As a meet-up group, we are focused on creating new technologies to enable brain to computer interfacing.

Currently, we are measuring brainwave signals using a brainwave microphone of sorts, based on the technology of Masahiro Kahata. For over 20 years, Masahiro has been perfecting biofeedback devices for brain-wave detection and visualization. His technology has been applied to interactive art, performance, as well as hyper-dimensional and transcendental meditation. Now he has opened up his technology for all to use.

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