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Introduction to Raspberry Pi
Saturday, 3/9/2013
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
TechShop Raleigh-Durham

An Introduction to Raspberry Pi by Pete Soper of Splat Space

Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive, richly capable single board computer (SBC) designed for educational settings and excellent for a wide range of hobby activities. Featuring a modest speed ARM processor and a half gigabyte of RAM, it has interfaces for flash SD, USB, Ethernet, HDMI graphics, audio, LCD panels, digital cameras and direct digital I/O. The hardware works well with a highly capable port of Debian Linux and other operating systems as a general-purpose computing system that can as easily host your home web server or LAN engine as it can keep an eye on your thermostat or drive a cat food dispenser while you're away.

This presentation includes an overview of the Raspberry Pi via slides and demonstrations:

    * Background/history

    * Description

    * Capabilities

    * Development and developer community resources

    * A collection of application examples

    * Q&A

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IMPORTANT: Current members who attend will be refunded $5 of store credit thus making the event FREE for them.